Sucitta and Candasiri

Sayalay Sucitta (left) & Sayalay Candasiri (right)

Sayalay Candasiri says:
"Mangala ba! Sayadaw Dr. Nandamalabhivamsa and Sayalay Yuzananani, Maha Sadhu!

Here I would like to say about my experience in studying the new topic of Abhidhamma 'Yamaka' - the book of pairs.

Although we only have about 8 days course in learning Abhidhamma 'Yamaka' but I have gain a lot of knowledge and benefits. Studying 'Yamaka' is quite interesting subject, it helps to increase our knowledge. Actually 'Yamaka' has 10 division but we only deal with 'Khandha Yamaka' - pair of aggregates.

Sayadaw is very cleaver and skillful teacher, he knows the tactic to teach us. He used to apply many examples to enlightened us and make us realized and understand the actual meaning in the text with pali sentences. So far we have already learnt about the pairs on aggregates consists of three chapters:
1. pannatti vara - chapter on terms - divided into 4 parts.
2. pavatti vara - chapter on process - divided into 6 parts.
3. parinnavara - chapter on comprehension - divided into 6 parts.

In class sometimes I have a joy arises in me, sometimes I get confuse due to some pali strange words (unfamiliar) and fell lost in somewhere cannot follow the lesson, cannot cope it and fell dull and bore. And Sayadaw is very compassionated and he knows I cannot cope it, he gives examples to make us easy to catch the meanings. Luckily Sayadaw gives Jataka stories tales, Suttas, and sometimes Sayadaw makes a few jokes that make our mind refresh again, relax a bit, then in the end, we can carry on and finished the lesson.

Teaachers has done his duty, but the student still not completely understand yet, hope that when back to centre, I will do revision and try my best to digest in my work.

We are very lucky to have such a teacher able to explain clearly and wishing that we have the golden opportunity to learn under Sayadaw Dr. Nandamala again.

Wishing Sayadaw will carry on the teaching of the Buddha for every corner of the country.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

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