Chuai Lin and Jina Hon

Sis. Foong Chuai Lin (left) Sis. Jina Hon (right)

Sis. Jina Hon says:
"This is my second time and I still feel that I've never learnt so much in my life in such a short time. A few of the very special things I observe during the Abhidhamma course - participants are very serious and committed; the patience and tremendous sharing of Dhamma by Sayadaw; wonderful integration of Abhidhamma & Suttanta, and life experiences in the Dhamma talks; almost non-stop discussion and sharing among participants; dynamic teaching by Sayalay Yuzananani.
I am very greatful to the organisers of the course for making possible some of the conditions for us to learn. I feel deep gratitude to Sayadaw for the Dhamma sharing and guidance. And particularly for Sayadaw's admonishment to 'look for Dhamma in your body, not in the book' and 'Practice!'"

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