Study Report 17

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Pali Text:
Saṅkhārā saṅkhārakkhandhoti?
Saṅkhārakkhandhaṃ ṭhapetvā avasesā saṅkhārā, na saṅkhārakkhandho, saṅkhārakkhandho saṅkhārā ceva saṅkhārakkhandho ca.
Saṅkhārakkhandho saṅkhārāti? āmantā.

Viññāṇaṃ viññāṇakkhandhoti? āmantā.
Viññāṇakkhandho viññāṇanti? āmantā.

(iv) Q. Is it which is called ‘formations’ called ‘aggregate of mental formation’?
A. With the exception of aggregate of mental formation, the remainings are called ‘formations’, but not called ‘aggregate of mental formation’. Aggregate of mental formation is both called ‘formations’ and ‘aggregate of mental formation’.
Q. Is it which is called ‘aggregate of mental formation’ called ‘formations’?
A. Yes.

(v) Q. Is it which is called ‘consciousness’ called ‘aggregate of consciousness’?
A. Yes.
Q. Is it which is called ‘aggregate of consciousness’ called ‘consciousness’?
A. Yes.

Aggregate of mental formations are 50 mental factors in ultimate sense.

Formations are conditioned state. They are 89 consciousness, 52 mental factors, and 28 matters in ultimate sense.

Consciousness or aggregate of consciousness is 89 consciousness in ultimate sense.

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