Study Report 2

The Pairs on Aggregates (Khandha Yamaka) consists of three Chapters namely:-

1. Paññatti vāra - Chapter on Terms

2. Pavatti vāra - Chapter on Process

3. Pariññā vāra - Chapter on Comprehension / Realization

Paññatti vāra

This chapter is to define the terms of the Aggregate chapter. It is advocated as the knowledge of study.

Pavatti vāra

This is as ascribed to the studying of the process, formation, the rise and fall of Aggregates Phenomena, and so on … The study of this chapter of classified processes would give rise to insight knowledge.

Pariññā vāra

The aim of comprehension and understanding found in this chapter is to bring about the maturing of wisdom leading to realization and the attainment of the Noble Path and Fruition.

Until here, if you still do not understand, please don’t worry. This is just the second Study Report. We will talk more about it later, to make it clearer.

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